Ring of Fire

“[The Ring of Fire] represents a once-in-a-life opportunity to create jobs and generate growth and long-term prosperity for northern Ontario and the nation.”
Tony Clement, Treasury Board President, Government of Canada

ROF Geophysical Map - no Additionals - 3Dec2014

Ring of Fire Regional Magnetic Fabric

The Ring of Fire is the name given to the emerging mining district located the James Bay Lowlands region of Northern Ontario.

After observing the region’s circular magnetic signature, Noront’s former president and Johnny Cash fan, coined the term “Ring of Fire” and named the region after one of the country singer’s most famous songs.

Sometimes referred to as “Ontario’s Oil Sands”, the Ring of Fire covers 5,000 square kilometers and is considered one of the largest potential mineral reserves in Ontario. More than 30,000 claims have been established in the region. Discoveries include a variety of minerals such as chromite, nickel, copper, zinc and gold. Noront has been drilling continuously in the Ring of Fire since May 2007 and has three advanced development Projects.

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