Big Daddy Deposit

The Big Daddy chromite deposit is located 5 km northeast of Eagle’s Nest and is a joint venture between Noront (70%) and Canada Chrome Mining Corporation (30%).  Discovered in 2008, the deposit is known to have the highest-grade accumulations of chromite ore in the region.

Project Details

Exploration to date has consisted of geophysics and diamond drilling that has traced the chromite zone over a 1.2 km strike length and roughly 490 m down dip.  A preliminary economic analysis (PEA) was conducted in 2011 by KWG Resources, which is the 100% owner of Canada Chrome Mining Corporation. Noront is the largest shareholder of KWG Resources.

Project Status

Noront is currently reviewing the technical documentation for this site. Our goal is to produce a strategic plan and a comprehensive preliminary economic analysis (PEA) for all of the development options for the Ring of Fire chromite projects.

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