Ring of Fire

ROF Geophysical Map - no Additionals - 3Dec2014

Ring of Fire Regional Magnetic Fabric

The Ring of Fire is the name given to the emerging mining district in the James Bay Lowlands region, located 500 kilometers northeast of Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario.  To date, deposits of chromite, nickel-copper-platinum-palladium and copper-zinc have been found including Noront’s three advanced development Projects.  Dozens of other showings have been noted, including those rich in gold, titanium-vanadium and diamonds.

The area is called the “Ring of Fire” due to the unique circular shape that the district displays on magnetic maps of the region.  The “Ring” is roughly 100 kilometres in diameter and is caused by a belt of mafic and ultramafic rocks wrapping around a circular intrusion of granodiorite.  The closest communities are Webequie First Nation, which is located 80 kilometers to the west and Marten Falls First Nation, located 120 kilometers to the south.

Noront believes that the Ring of Fire will become the next great mining district in Ontario and will create prosperity and opportunity for generations to come.  It is for this reason that Noront has acquired the majority of all claims in the district and is working hard with First Nation communities and the government to make this vision come true.

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