Commodity Focus

Cu-Zn Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide (VMS)

  • High-grade Cu and/or Zn mineralization discovered in the north (5.01 occurrence), south (McFaulds deposits) and southwest (Butler occurrences) to date indicates widespread mineralization
  • In two of these three areas above, lithologies are contemporaneous with Ni-Cu-PGE and chromite mineralization, suggesting a larger scale regional metallotect (Muketei Assemblage).
  • Footwall alteration assemblages indicate high-heat flow in the shallow crust
  • Under-explored deposit type given the focus on Ni-Cu-PGE and chromite (circa 2007)

Copper Zinc Properties

McFaulds Cu-Zn-Ag VMS Property

Butler Zn-Cu-Ag VMS Property

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