Exploration Rationale

  • The Ring of Fire posses several major structures with km-scale offsets providing pathways for ascending fluids. The presence of younger sedimentary basins juxtaposed against older supracrustal rocks along some of these major structures is analogous to the structural setting of gold camps in the Abitibi subprovince
  • There is evidence for multiple deformation events in proximity to iron-rich reactive host rocks (e.g. ferrogabbro, iron-formation, ultramafics) which have yet to be tested for gold mineralization.
  • Early examples of gold fertility within the belt have been shown with the accidental discovery of gold along the Triple-J fault and elsewhere, while drilling for base metals
  • The challenge of exploring for gold has, until now, hindered explorers from mounting serious gold-focused campaigns. Noront’s early adopter status has allowed us to stake the most prospective ground in the Ring of Fire for gold exploration

Gold Exploration Projects

AT4 Occurrence
Thunder Bird Fault
Regional Targets