The Eagle’s Nest Project is subject to both a federal Environmental Assessment (EA) under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and a provincial EA under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act.

Noront provided an Eagle’s Nest Project Description to provincial and federal authorities in April 2011. After a public review and comment period on the draft guidelines, final federal guidelines for completing an Environmental Impact Statement under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act were issued to Noront in January 2012 by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA).  Noront also initiated a process for developing provincial Terms of Reference, in April 2011. A formal Notice of Submission for Terms of Reference was issued in March 2012, and a final amended Terms of Reference with supporting documentation was submitted to Ontario in October 2012.

On December 20, 2013, the Company issued a Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Environmental Assessment Report (EIS/EA) for Eagle’s Nest. This document is intended to satisfy both the federal and provincial environmental assessment processes. It was circulated for comment to federal and provincial representatives as well as interested public parties and First Nation communities.

Preliminary work to support the environmental assessment processes was initiated by Noront in 2009 and includes baseline environmental studies which examine the mine site, the access road corridor and a load out facility site. These studies were designed to satisfy the requirements set out in the federal guidelines provided by CEAA, and they are consistent with the Terms of Reference submitted by Noront to the provincial Ministry of the Environment. Completion of a draft EIS/EA Report marked an important milestone for Noront. We believe Eagle’s Nest will be the first mine developed in the Ring of Fire, and look forward to receiving comments from the provincial and federal governments as well as any other interested parties.

In June 2015, Noront received it’s Approved Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Environmental Assessment of Eagle’s Nest from the Provincial Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. This TOR included the 300km all-season access road to the mine site. In late 2017, Noront, the Province and local First Nations agreed that the communities would lead the EA process for the access road. Noront will apply to modify its TOR when road work is sufficiently advanced.

Development of the Eagle’s Nest Mine will also require a variety of federal and provincial permits, licenses and authorizations which will be acquired upon completion of the federal and provincial environmental assessments. Development, operation and ultimately closure of Eagle’s Nest will be subject to numerous other legal requirements provided for in various provincial and federal acts and regulations.

Eagle’s Nest Draft EIS/EA Report:

Master Table of Contents
Volume 1 – Executive Summary
Volume 2 – EIS/EA Report
Volume 2 Appendices (Amended)
Volume 3 Cumulative Effects Assessment
Volume 4 – Environmental & Social Management
Technical Supporting Documents

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