Health & Safety

Noront holds as a core value, the health, safety and overall wellness of our workforce. We recognize that all workers—employees and contractors—have the right to work in a safe environment and that all incidents in the workplace are preventable. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace through visible leadership and programs that target the hazards and manage the risks in our work.

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Our initiatives focus on engagement, individual commitment and behavioural changes required to achieve our “Target Zero” objective.  We take a proactive approach to incident prevention by educating and training all workers on our health and safety policies and procedures. We also developed and encourage active participation in a robust reporting culture.

What does health and safety at Noront look like ?

Across Noront worksites we hold ourselves and our employees to high health and safety standards to reduce and ultimately eliminate all accidents and incidents. Health and safety discussions are woven into how we do our work.

Esker Site employees begin the day with a safety toolbox meeting where tasks for the day are reviewed and analyzed. This brings awareness and attention to the day’s work and identifies potential hazards that come along with each task in order to mitigate the risk and the chance of incidents. We also use mock emergency scenarios as an approach for ongoing skill testing and training.

In 2018, we implemented health and safety awards to promote engagement and recognize employee efforts. Workers can be nominated for the “Act of Safety” award by exemplifying the Noront health and safety motto: “I’ve got your back”. In early 2019, the health and safety focus at Esker Site expanded to include a wellness program, which focuses on nutrition, physical health, sleep and rest. An upgraded fitness facility was also added to site for workers use during down time.

“Workplace health and safety at Noront makes me feel like I have a second home and family looking out for us. We do still have a ways to go, so let’s try to get the number of incident free days to 1000 and beyond.” – Rob Lyght, Geological Technician

Health & Safety Performance

  • TRIF is Total Recordable Incident Frequency per 1,000,000 hours worked

    Achieved zero reportable incidents in 2019 and 2020 year to date; Safety initiatives ramped up from 518 to 1661 per annum from 2016 to 2019

  • H&S culture shift was underpinned by focusing on task based risk assessments, hazard observations, training, inspections and a strong reporting culture
  • Improved employee engagement, ownership and overall community culture, Noront Heath & Safety motto – “I’ve got your back”
  • Wellness improvements included implementation of nutrition, fitness, and stretch programs complemented by balanced sleep/rest and mental health components.


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