Outreach and Engagement

At Noront, we are committed to working directly and respectfully with all of our community partners in a manner that fosters active participation. It is our vision to be an industry leader in developing mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous communities. We seek to do this by engaging in sincere and forthright communication about our projects and operations, and by providing opportunities for training and education, employment, procurement, business development and community investment.  We also aim to ensure the land and resources currently in use by local communities will continue to be used by them long into the future.

We were honoured when The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) recognized Noront’s commitment to social initiatives with its 2015 Environmental and Social Responsibility Award.  This brief video  features our President & CEO Alan Coutts and some of our stakeholders talking about our approach to social responsibility.

We value responsible planning for our Eagle’s Nest Mine and are engaging with, listening to and learning from local Ring of Fire communities:

  • We meet regularly with Chiefs and Councils.
  • We have held numerous town hall meetings and open houses in First Nation and local communities over the last four years.
  • All of our meetings are conducted in English and Ojicree.
  • Written material is supplied in English, French, Ojicree and Cree.
  • We consult regularly about our exploration activity on traditional lands and answer any questions about current or future work.

Direct Employment

Noront and its contractors plan to hire and train local people to build, operate and reclaim the mine and infrastructure. Dialogue is underway to identify educational and employment requirements so that local people are supported to access the necessary training to participate in future jobs. We are working with governments, colleges and communities to assess capabilities and interests of local First Nation people, and to establish skills training programs. To date we have hired local First Nation members to work at the Esker Camp site offices and on our study teams, with 50% of our camp workforce being self-identified Aboriginal during peak employment.

Business Opportunities

Along with direct employment on construction projects and mine operations, there will be business opportunities that will result from mine development. Noront continues to identify procurement requirements and work with local communities to enable them to participate in future business opportunities. We also support local business development directly through contracts with First Nation-owned businesses. We have facilitated meetings between communities and companies interested in working in partnership to provide services for our the Project.

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