Training and Employment

Nishnawbe Education and Training (NEAT)

Noront has partnered with Matawa First Nations’ Kiikenomaga Kikenjigewen Employment and Training Services (KKETs) and Confederation College of Applied Arts and Technology in Thunder Bay to create Nishnawbe Education and Training, or NEAT (formerly known as Ring of Fire Aboriginal Training Alliance or RoFATA). This innovative program will help prepare local Indigenous people for employment in the mining sector by providing skills-based training and guidance to long-term career paths.

In 2013, RoFATA received $5.9-million from the Canada’s Federal Skills and Partnership Fund. With this funding in place, an introduction to mining, nine specialized training and six pre-trade courses were delivered to Matawa First Nations members. Many courses were offered in local First Nation communities and others in Thunder Bay. The length of training varies from 2 to 20 weeks.

To date, over 400 Matawa First Nation community members have completed RoFATA/NEAT training.

Direct Employment

Noront and its contractors plan to hire and train local people to build, operate and reclaim the mine and infrastructure. Dialogue is underway to identify educational and employment requirements so that local people are supported to access the necessary training to participate in future jobs. We are working with governments, colleges and communities to assess capabilities and interests of local First Nation people, and to establish skills training programs. To date we have hired local First Nation members to work at the Esker Site offices and on our study teams, with over 60% of our site workforce being self-identified Aboriginal during peak employment.

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